De Anza College Mathematics
Placement Test & Course Sequence


Basic Math

  1. Successful completion, with a C or better of prerequisite course is required prior to registering on any mathematics sequential course.

  1. See your Academic advisor or Counselor to confirm course/s eligibility for transfer

HIgh School AP

Calculus AB with

Exam Score of three or better

April 6, 2015

Math 201
Math 202
Math 203
Math Modules

AA Degree Applicable

CC Basic Skills Course

All other courses listed here are CSU & UC Transferable

C o l l e g e - L e v e l  M a t h

Calculus Readiness

Dated: 2014 - 2015 Academic Year

High School AP

Calculus BC with

Exam Score of three or better

Roberta Bloom
Mathematics Coordinator

James Mailhot
Assistant Coordinator

Math 217

Integrated Statistics

Math 57


Statistics 2